Market Observations

Q1 2018

We speak daily with high tech software companies and candidates in the greater Boston area and people frequently ask for our observations regarding current job market conditions and hiring practices. Each quarter, we compile our observations from these conversations and make them available to our network. Please note, these are not predictions or based on any numerical data.

We’ve accepted a broad range of marketing assignments in Product Management, Product Marketing, Demand Generation, Marketing Programs and Field Marketing as well as Communications at both the Manager and Director levels.

Clients have come to us for help identifying qualified candidates after they have searched on their own for 3-6 months. Some of the reasons these positions have gone unfilled were candidates missing relevant industry experience, compensation requirements and cultural fit.

As we have noted in previous observations, the demand for top talent is intense. Although, there are numerous recruiting tools and social media techniques available nowadays, companies are struggling to find qualified candidates at all levels.

Companies and hiring managers who understand market conditions, engage candidates, keep their hiring process moving and sell the opportunity to high potential candidates tended to have the best success when hiring.

We continue to attract the attention of off shore companies, working to gain a larger foothold in the active US market, looking for local Boston talent. In most cases, these companies are locating their offices in the downtown Boston Seaport area.

Who's Hiring?

Woodlyn Partners had activity in the following technology areas:

  • Big Data Software
  • Open Source IoT Solutions
  • Speech Analytics Software
  • Data Center Software
  • DevOps Tools
  • Enterprise IT Software
  • Cyber Security Software
  • Payment, Invoice and Document Automation Solutions

In Summary
As we closed out the 1st Quarter, several clients have engaged WoodlynPartners to begin a recruiting effort for key marketing roles they have been unable to fill. The urgency to fill these positions in the second quarter is high as they rev up their efforts to drive revenue and meet their overall 2018 business goals.
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